Growth of Digital Marketing

2 min readSep 6, 2021


DIgital Marketing

Digital marketing is a fast growing industry with its branches in almost every business.

But the main question is why Digital Marketing in trend and is it really helpful?

To answer the question I’ll take an example from the recent global topic of corona virus. Now majority of you would be thinking how corona virus is related to digital marketing? While people were locked inside there houses, social platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram saw an unexpected hike in there customer engagement rates which let the businesses and marketers target there marketing efforts on these social platforms.

And for the next part about how it is beneficial, digital marketing has many benefits that traditional marketing was lacking

  1. Digital Marketing is very cheaper when compared to traditional marketing.
  2. Traditional market lacks in reach unless you have hefty budgets to create campaigns in different countries. Digital marketing can solve this problem as it has a huge reach and can target international audience.
  3. The major drawback of traditional marketing is that it can not judge user metrices. You place a billboard in a lavish area in golf park but you can not determine how many people are actually viewing it and are making purchase after seeing that ad. However you can target all those metrices using digital marketing platforms.

Now lets see how digital marketing can help you with your business.

  1. Can help you create an online presence
  2. Understand what channels brings out maximum sales
  3. Target new customers using SEO, SEM, Emails and social media.
  4. Can create a two way interaction with customers.

Now as you can see the era of digital marketing is imminent and many business owners are understanding the power of digital marketing and are shifting there marketing efforts to digital platforms.

it wont be easy for the businesses to survive in the market if they are still working solely on traditional practices.

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